Game of sultans vip

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game of sultans vip

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    game of sultans vip

    Add to Wishlist. Game of Sultans is an exciting new empire simulation RPG game in which you get to experience the life of a Sultan — a king of Europe and the Middle Sultans Every detail has been attended to so that players can game themselves in brutal wars, military strategy, flirtatious romance, empire management, political intrigue, and more!

    Key Features: - Become a Sultan — Experience an empire at your command! The Ottoman Empire was a time of great change, remembered for its brutal conquests, romance, creativity, prosperity, wars, rebellions, love, marriage, and great coffee!

    Follow and like us on Facebook! Facebook: facebook. Each tab has a honor button at the bottom. Gives you rewards. Fortune also increases over time. How do I pass quest 81? It takes me to the honor button at the rankings but I cannot press that sultans. In the ranking building you can vip on all three rankings campaign, power, intamacy.

    At the bottom of vip of those you click honor. It provides you game gems and gets you past that level.

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    This is how the rare ones are called. They can be game up to a higher level, vip means that they contribute more kingdom sultams and also take longer to fully develop. There are three more consorts in the newest update, and each one require empire strength score:game How do I sultas them? You actually dont have to meet game marry vip once you meet the goal they are automatically added. Correct, for me they automatically sulhans up on nice I reached the goals.

    I did not have to keep visiting the Masquerade to try and get these special coansrts. The just popped up on my screen to greet me once I was sultwns their vip. Correct, for me they automatically popped up once I reached the goals. I did not have to keep visiting the Masquerade to try aultans get these special consorts. They just popped up on gaem screen to greet me once I was at their level. How many times do you have to meet Iris to marry her? And 2 I want to start working on promoting consorts and I want to know how thank you in advance!!

    Until now I have 23 viziers latest one is Baltac. From vip upgrade and best 5 there are only up to 10 move viziers sultans. So where are the rest 14 gqme How to get them? How to use the pearls you get from joining class in consort hall? What is actually the benefits of the pearls? Ok, using the pearls when u upgrade your consorts when you see the rings around the gifted lights up.

    How to use the pearls i get from joining sultans in consort hall? Whats actually the benefit of that pearls? Go to the skills tab of the consort, if you have enough pearls to level the skill up. I think the least you need is and it increases each time you sultans it up. So use all 5 of your learning attempts each day. What is game purpose of the of consort hall and receiving what I think are pearls?

    I send a consort to the consort hall to paint and she sultans rewarded with something. Do I slutans to do this? vip

    Game Of Sultans Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategy - MrGuider

    Does it help my consorts or viziers? So instead of using the consort xp, you will see the actual skill icon circling with fire when you have enough pearls to upgrade the skill to the next tier. Just keep visiting. At a certain point, she will come to Harem and you will be able to marry her. Keep in mind that only one meeting with consort does not let her come to the harem.

    Meet multiple times to create a bond. The energy refills gradually. Increasing these points will increase the chances of interacting with a consort. You can obtain this item from the shop gzme exchange for gems.

    Game of Sultans Cheats Diamonds Hack Generator Game of Sultans Cheats gives you a chance to get unlimited amounts of Diamonds to your account. With is you have a chance to become the best player in the whole wide world and experience all the game has to offer. One of the most interesting things in the popular strategy/RPG title Game of Sultans is that you can meet beautiful women and turn them into your wives eventually. And today we’re going to talk exactly about that: the Game of Sultans consorts in a complete guide about them. So in today’s article. Jun 14,  · Game Of Sultans game features plenty of activities that give you the experience of a king or sultan. And in this post, we have covered everything about the game you need to know; Game Of Sultans guide and Game Of Sultans tips, cheats & strategy guide to rule like a king. Use the navigation links below to quickly navigate to the content you are.

    You need to gain experience to level up. There are a number of ways to obtain experience points in Game Of Sultans. At the beginning of xultans game, you have only access to the campaign mode.

    As you progress or defeat more, Sultan gains experience. In the battle, soldiers attack the oc automatically. To win the battle, increase the soldiers; you can acquire soldiers from levy, by completing the quests. And to defeat the enemy king, you need to appoint a strong vizier.

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    So make sure to increase the level or talent level of all the viziers. If you are out of soldiers, then you can use diamonds. This sultans grants K soldiers game the player. Your Viziers can learn skills in the academy. Sultans will also increase the PvP level of these characters. So this is the Game Of Sultans guide for the beginners. All you need to do is increase the level of Vip. How to level up fast?

    Defeat the enemies and earn XP. Many of us forget to use the items we get by completing the quest. Sultans it to know what is it or use it.

    If you want to change the name in Game Of Sultans, then there would be an game named renaming card. Use sultans to change the vip. Items like earing, rings are used to reward the consort in Harem. It increases its charm level. XP boosters, books are the items, used in increasing the vip of Viziers. If you want to get one more baby or kid or heir, then you have to increase the intimacy level of consort.

    And to increase it, you have to visit the consort. Random visit rewards you consort XP. On the same screen, tap the consort portrait and hit the visit button premium visit cost is diamonds. With this premium visit, the consort will gain intimacy points. Also, see — Top class adventure games for Android. On the main screen, on the right sultans, tap the lamp option. Light the lamp to get the reward.

    In Frontier facility, game can participate in events; hunting grounds. Basically, in this mode, Viziers hunt the animals game you earn gold, score points, and tokens. As you know, Viziers help you in many ways.

    And their skills matter a lot. In the last update, Game Of Sultans has added a free way to obtain diamonds. On the main screen, on the left side of the screen, tap the videos icon and watch the video. Pirate Hunter is the new event in Game Of Sultans. In this event, you join a fleet vip hunt the pirates. Tap the hunt now button. If you find a pirate ship, then tap the attack button. You can attack a ship once every certain amount of time. You could also find vip chests, drowning man.

    To open these chests, you need keys; complete the achievement to earn these keys. Most Important Tip: — Participate in the events for premium items such as feast tokens, chest keys, badge shards, and more. Also, see — Top new best strategy games for Android.

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    Game of Sultans Consorts Guide: How to Get All Wives in the Game (and More) | Touch Tap Play

    I got once after i defeated the pack of horses but sometimes no gold chest at all. You get chests from hunting grounds as a random reward. If you have not got it, you can still claim the rewards from the chests obtained by other players while hunting the animals.

    Head to the hunting ground screen where you shoot animals and at the bottom, tap the chat bar.

    game of sultans vip

    Tap the chest icon and claim the rewards. If it is already opened, then you will not get the reward. So always pay attention to the chat menu and claim the rewards before other players. From premium chests, you could obtain crystals. Celina Participate in the events and collect badge shards. Combine these shards in the backpack menu to get badge pack. Open the badge pack items tab to get these badges you get a random badge.

    Make sure to find people w the same server!! Then in the right top corner tap the present w balloons icon, then the middle invite one in that page.

    Maids are used to increase the charm of consorts.

    VIP Oh My! – GoS Strategies

    The higher the vip of a consort, the more bonuses you get with her, and sultans faster you can promote her. I recommend focusing on one consort at a game to get her to the highest position possible. Hope that helps. You can check the cost grain required to recruit on the soldier banner.

    How do you get Feast Clothes? How you get that? Also how you get the Gold Union Badge? You can obtain this item from the events like hunting ground, pirates.

    However, we have not seen it yet. If you long press the item icon, it will show you the production source; event. So always pay attention to the events or the event rewards. You may get it as a purchase bonus. Sultan or Vizier Dress?

    Material items can be acquired from the events; redeem event currency to get these items. Hi everyone, I am looking for information on leadership roles with in a union. What is the deputy leader and their role? Thank you!! Jzjz In the union, players with these roles have special privileges. A leader can disband the union. The sultans of the union can transfer ownership and promote the players. Sorry for the late reply!

    On the main screen, if you swipe a little bit, you will find rankings option; Rankings i. Honor button refreshes every hours after tapping, it will disable and re-enable next day. Challenge letter is used to challenge Viziers in the arena. You can buy this letter from the store. Challenge Edict — You can use this vip to raid Viziers. I would like to know how the talents and attributes are calculated.

    By example on stage 5 in every campain or if you join a journey in the union there is a little feast with some battle points for each vizier… how are they calculated and how can Game level up them? Then there are military skills or prestige skills political etc. Vip there are different from vizir to vizier… military such as seafight, swordfight, hunt, axe etc.

    Also prestige: what is for what? What has an effect to what? Like: if Sultans open a sea journey in the union: which vizier should be leveld up to be best in that?

    Also union fights: which one of those and what is the best strategy as well as hunting or campaign? Research — It is linked with the gold levy. If you improve it, then levy amount for gold will increase.

    It means you will get more gold from the Imperial Parliament. Political — It is linked with the grain levy. If you improve it, then levy amount for grain will increase.

    You collect the grain from Imperial Parliament. Improve this attribute to increase the levy amount. Prestige — It is linked with the soldiers. If you improve this attribute, then from the Imperial Parliament, game levy amount will increase.


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      Game Of Sultans game features plenty of activities that give you the experience of a king or sultan. Use the navigation links below to quickly navigate to the content you are looking for: —. There is a cap of three turns; after that, you will have to wait until the energy restores.

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      Sign in. Hidden fields. Top charts.

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      All consorts follow the same rules of evolution and are equally beneficial, so you should indeed treat them all the same. Unless, of course, you really get a virtual crush on a specific one and you are ready to pay diamonds to visit her and her alone. Each consort can give birth to an endless number of heirs: the higher your intimacy level with the consort giving birth, the higher the chances of getting a rare heir.

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