Slot price for infinix hot 2

slot price for infinix hot 2

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  • Infinix Hot 2 Price, Full Specs & Review in Nigeria
  • Infinix Hot 3 may not be the sleekest of smartphones, but it sure stands among the most reliable.

    Much More Than Phones

    Infinix Hot 3 boasts an 8 MP main camera that is a plus for picture lovers and a 2MP front shooter, which of course, could have slott better.

    It also features 16 GB internal memory which is expandable to up to 32 GB and a battery capacity of mAh.

    Prices of Infinix phones at slot - Slot Price_List of All Infinix Phones

    Here are the key specs of the Infinix Hot 3. Arguably the most anticipated Infinix smartphone in a long time, Infinix Zero 6 not only deserves all hoy accolades coming its way, it well rate among the very best Infinix smartphones to ever be released. Are you ready for something exciting? Are you ready to welcome another masterpiece?

    Get set for another mobile magic in Infinix Zero 6. This flagship is most likely to be announced very soon with an impressive set of specifications.

    Infinix Hot 2 Price in India, Specifications, Comparison (8th January )

    The mobile phone features a 6. The device is powered by Octa core 2. It alos boast of a battery capacity of mAh. The main camera has a very impressive 12 MP and 13 MP dual camera.

    If you are a gamer or love to stream videos on your phone, then get ready for this mobile revelation. Infnix Hot S3 was the company first attempt on an screen aspect ratio, and a successful one at that.

    Infinix Phones & Prices in Nigeria (at SLOT, etc.) - Nigerian Price

    The Chinese company not hot earned raving applauds when the phone was released, the phone also propelled the mobile brand to a whole new level, raising the expectation of fans and neutrals alike. You can comfortably grade this smartphone among the mid-categories of smartphones in infinix of efficiency, functionality and overall usability, slot the brand for argue it deserves more.

    The phone boasts a 13 MP main camera that marks a welcoming feature for picture lovers and a inifnix 20 MP front shooter for selfies. price

    slot price for infinix hot 2

    The lovely smartphone is powered by a Octa-core 1. The Oht Hot S3 also features fingerprint scanner which is positioned right at the back below the rear camera.

    Infinix Note 2 X Price, Full Specs and Review [Updated]

    The fingerprint scanner not only serve as a more convenient phone unlock system, it aolso has other extra security features to the smartphone. Another masterpiece from Infinix released in Infinix S2set a baseline for slot mid-level smartphones infihix follow.

    With a lovely design and user-friendly features, infinix is understandable to see why the phone rated among the most sought-after Infinix phones in The phone boasts for 13 MP main camera and a remarkable 13 MP plus additional 8 MP front shooter for hot outstanding selfies.

    The smartphone is powered by a Octa-Core price. The S2 also boasts of a 5.

    Infinix | SLOT SYSTEMS LTD - Part 2

    The display is protected with a strong Dragontrail glass which makes it harder and almost impossible for the display screen to get broken or even scratch. This is the first smartphone in the Infinix Smart series.

    Are you searching for the Prices of Infinix phones at slot, yes the prices of all Infinix phones at slot? Then you are in the right place. Today, we will list all the Infinix phones and prices at Slot, slot . Infinix Hot 2 is currently available and sold exclusively on the No. 1 online mall in Nigeria – JUMIA. You can buy your Infinix Hot 2 on Jumia or any of the leading online stores in the country. Infinix Hot 2 price in Nigeria starts from N19, – N22,, depending on your location and place of purchase in the country. Infinix Hot 3 Price in Nigeria. SLOT: N52, – N54, ; Jumia: N49, – N52, ; Konga: N50, – N55, ; Infinix Hot 2 gave a very lovely account of itself and Infinix Hot 3 did even better. Infinix have built a reputation of producing strong and reliable phones with lovely design over the years and this phone continued the trend.

    Infinix Smart may not be the most sophisticated of smartphones, but it sure stands among the most reliable in the mid-range category.

    It also rates among the most memorable Infinix phones as it marked the beginning of a new resolution in the Infinix Smart series. The Infinix Smart features a design that is not new to the mobile market.

    Compact screen resolution, dual sim and outstanding battery capacity, this phone rates among the top mid-level smartphones.

    Infinix | SLOT SYSTEMS LTD

    The phone features a fair 8 MP main camera and a 2 MP front shooter could have been better. Here i will infini the full specs of the note 2. You can also check other affordable phones from infinix. While the body of the smartphone is made entirely of sleek materials, the phone tends to rest in the hands perfectly. Because of the large size, users with small hands will find it a little bit hard to grip the phone. On the back of the phone is a removable cover, inside it, a massive, non-removable mAh powers this device to action.

    slot price for infinix hot 2

    The power and volume rockers are neatly placed on the side, while the Memory card slot and SIM are inside the phone. Internet users will find this phone 4G enabled phone a joy to use, as they enjoy lightning speed downloads, video streaming and so much more.

    Infinix Hot 2 Price, Full Specs & Review in Nigeria

    Check out the amazing specs of the Infinix Hot 4. After the battery, the next best thing about the NOTE 2 is the camera. Infinix boast of the power efficiency of the Note 2, as it can last for up to 2 days of average use.


    • Thalia Toothman:

      While Tecno had captured the hearts of most mobile phone lovers with their cheap and relatively reliable products, Infinix added creative and sleek design to their products, making them a strong competitor to Tecno in the mobile market. When it comes to creativity and innovation, you can only pick a fee smartphone brands ahead of Infinix. One thing is certain, Infinix have built a strong market in Nigeria and does not look like losing its grip anytime soon.

    • Elliott Emory:

      However, both phones have a 16 GB internal storage. Read: Specs and Price of the Infinix Zero 4.

    • Warner Wadlington:

      You see in the world of fast-evolving technology; the smartphone is also fast becoming one of the technological devices that man may not be able to survive without. In past years, the production of different mobile phones were as obsolete as what you can think of, you can hardly perform other activities on your mobile phone, what it is primarily made for then was to receive and make calls, but thank God for innovations from the technological industries, in recent time you may decide to do away with your laptops, and other PC components, you may choose to make use of your Smartphones to carry out any task you wanted to do and trust me you will get the job done perfectly with little or no differences with what your computer will do.

    • Lesia Land:

      The Infinix Hot 2 also known as the Infinix x is the first Android one smartphone in Africa and perhaps the best selling phone from Infinix Mobility. Thanks to the sheer simplicity of this phone, uncluttered operating system, sleek body design, camera quality and battery storage, the hot 2 is one of the affordable phones with the best features available on the market.

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